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The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity Forces That Bring Riches to You

by Catherine Ponder

PICTURES PLAN IT...-2This book summary is only to help you get your creativity juices flowing and planning your next move.

This book will catapult your mind and spirit into a higher consciousness where you will never be the same again. You will never go back to your old way of stinking thinking. Catherine Ponder lets you know in no uncertain terms that the Universe is full of wonder and abundance and that you can have part of that abundance if you open yourself up to receive. She lets us know that God did not leave us alone to faulter aimlessly in despair, but rather has made provision for us all through prayer. This book will give you a deeper understanding that God wants you blessed – you just need to understand how to receive His blessings.

As you read this book, chapter by chapter, you will automatically begin to develop the Power of Prosperous Thinking, and you will already have begun to reap a harvest of wealth, prosperity and happiness in your own life.

Gain Mastery Over These Dynamic Laws of Prosperity–and Change Your Life and Fortune!

THE LAW OF “RADIATE AND ATTRACT” that gives you the magnetic power to pull the Treasures of Life within your reach

THE LAW OF “VACUUM” that starts a constant river of blessings and riches flowing through your life

THE LAW OF “IMAGING” that creates whatever object or goal you desire . , . through the power of Symbolic Dominance

THE LAW OF “POSITIVE COMMAND” that gives you utter authority and mastery over the good things that you wish to enjoy in your life

THE THOUGHT-LAW OF “INCREASE” that brings under your firm control the Universal Force of Supply-and-Demand

THE LAW OF “LOVE AND WILL” which causes wonderful miracles of prosperity and joy to shower into your life and home

THE MAGNIFICENT LAW OF PRAYER that dissolves bitterness, brings protection, produces inner serenity. With new Special Prayer Techniques, Healing Prayers, Key Meditations, and newly-developed methods of Dynamic Prayer


In this 300 page eBook you will discover:

  • How to use THE POWER OF PROSPEROUS THINKING to win your goals
  • How certain attitudes of mind CREATE PROSPERITY in your life
  • Why THE STRONGEST FORCE IN THE WORLD works for your benefit
  • Key words, phrases, meditations that WORK WONDERS OF WEALTH
  • How to use the SECRET LAWS OF WEALTH for your own happiness

There’s Gold Dust in the Air for You!

This book is the result of several recent recessions and many years of lean living. Nobody likes recessions and nobody likes lean living—and indeed nobody should like them.

For fifteen years I tried to find such a book as this one. During those years of searching the book shelves, I found that there are many books which give various success ideas, but in none of them did I find a set of compact, simple laws for assuring success.

I began searching for a book such as this after having been widowed and left with a small son to rear and educate. Since I had no training for work and no means of income, I would have given anything to have known then about the power of prosperous thinking.

For a while I experienced depression, ill health, loneliness, financial lack and a sense of complete faiure. It seemed that the whole world was against me, and that everything I did went wrong. But with my son to provide for, I could not settle for failure. I had to succeed for his sake as well as for my own.

Finally, when I was at my lowest ebb emotionally, physically, and financially, I learned about the power of thought as an instrument for success or failure. I came to realize that failure is basically the result of failure thinking. I learned that the right use of my mind could become the key to healthy, happy, prosperous, successful living.

As soon as I grasped this wonderful success secret, the tide began to change!

The Birth of Prosperous Thinking

You’ve heard much in recent years about positive thinking. Out of the recessions and lean years another term has been born—“prosperous thinking.” The word “prosper” means “to flourish, succeed, thrive, to experience favorable results.”

You are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health, and plenty in your world. While prosperous thinking means many things to people, basically it gives you the power to make your dreams come true, whether those dreams are concerned with better health, increased financial success, a happier personal life, more education and travel, or a deeper spiritual life.

This book plainly shows how prosperous thinking has helped people in every walk of life to experience these results. Furthermore, it shows how prosperous thinking can do these things for you, too! As you read this book, chapter by chapter, you will automatically begin to develop the power of prosperous thinking and, almost as easily, you will begin to reap a harvest of prosperous results.

The Salesman with the Golden Touch

Years ago, a salesman used the power of prosperous thinking, although he may not consciously been aware of it. When people asked him, “How’s business?” he always gave this standard answer: “Business is wonderful because there’s gold dust in the air!” For him it certainly seemed to be so—every contact became a sale. After a while, whenever his name was mentioned, people always said, “Yes, everything he touches turns to gold.”

The Laws of Prosperity

During my first year in the ministry, one of the most severe business recessions since World War II hit this country. Members of my congregation began asking for lectures on ways to survive this dif­ficult period. It was then that these dynamic laws of prosperity began to take form. And, with breathtaking rapidity, these ideas worked—for all types of people!

How the Laws Have Worked for Others

For instance, within a week after the first lecture, two secretaries had received raises in pay, one with a promotion and new title. A stockbroker soon reported that he had more business than he had dared hope for, although most of his fellow workers were comparatively idle. One client whom he had not seen for several years appeared and handed him a check to invest for $200,000! A month after beginning to deliberately invoke prosperous thinking, his income was four times its usual amount.

A lawyer, who had several industrial clients then on strike or out of work, reported that the recession was suddenly over for him. His income zoomed upward into the $2,000 a month bracket, which at the time, seemed a great increase, though later after he established a definite pattern of prosperous thinking, it seemed only normal.

A steel manufacturer’s agent, whose business was affected by the recession, reported that he unexpectedly received an order amounting to $4,500 which he had not solicited. One woman was a saleslady in a department store which employed more than 100 people. All of her fellow workers had been thinking and talking hard times. At the end of the month, after this woman began to deliberately think prosperously, out of more than 100 employees, she was the only one in the store who received a commission check for having oversold her quota for the month. The other employees had decreed hard times and had gotten such results for themselves.

The owner of an electrical business had an outstanding account of $750 owing his company. As he began to think of those owing him as prosperous, the account was quietly paid.

A jeweler had an indebtedness owing him which he tried every means he knew to collect, including the use of unkind letters, all to no avail. When he, too, decided to think in prosperous terms about himself and the one owing him, to his amazement the creditor quickly paid up. One family that desired freedom from indebtedness suddenly inherited a nice sum of money.

A government employee received a raise in pay that had been pending in Congress for several years. A telephone company employee also received a general raise that had been promised months earlier. A construction engineer received a new assignment to a 15l/2 million dollar construction job, after having served on a million and a half dollar construction job. One couple even received an all-expense trip abroad!

These are but a few examples of the power of prosperous thinking.

Prosperity Brings “New Look” and New Health

But more than financial returns appeared. As I weekly lectured on prosperous thinking, I began to realize that the people in attendance were beginning to blossom forth with a “new look”—a look of inner peace, poise, happiness, security and stability not previously apparent. The failure look of depression and discouragement was replaced with the look of success, self-confidence and inner happiness. The look of defeat was replaced with a look of dominion, authority, victory. It was wonderful to behold!

New mental and physical health appeared for a number of people, too. One businessman had been told most of his life that he had a serious heart condition that would have to be pampered constantly. As he began to apply the power of prosperous thinking in every phase of his world, he relaxed more and more in mind and body. Tension, both conscious and subconscious, gradually eased. After a time his doctor stated that his earlier heart trouble had vanished. Now, several years later, he remains healthier and happier than ever before.

Several people with nervous conditions found new health, seren­ity and peace of mind. A housewife in this group had for years visited a series of doctors who could find nothing organically wrong with her. As she began deliberately to practice prosperous thinking, she began to think more lovingly of others—including her husband! Her new attitude of appreciation gave him a feeling of approval he had not had from his wife in many a year. This, in turn, added to his self-confidence and was reflected as new success in his work. His new job success brought a happiness and satisfaction to their marriage that had long been missing. This woman’s health improved so much that she soon appeared years younger, and her aches and pains faded as happiness came into the various departments of her life.

Your Whole Outlook Changes

A lonely, unhappy businesswoman who had often threatened suicide became so intensely interested in the laws of prosperity that she found interests outside herself. This led to a happier, more bal­anced life. The suicide talk stopped. A housewife and also a business­man, whose secret drinking had become serious problems, found new hope in their practice of prosperous thinking. They began to realize that their drinking problems could be overcome. As they gained this victorious expectation, they were able to begin resolving and dissolving inner hostilities and conflicts. Their drinking gradually diminished.

Several marriages were saved, after one or other of the marriage partners began to invoke these laws of prosperity. One person’s divorced partner returned and they were remarried. Several lonely, unmarried people were happily married, one after having been wid­owed for 20 years.

A businessman who had always detested his work found, as he began using these ideas, that he got a whole new perspective on his job, and in due time he no longer disliked it.

The Salesman Was Right

That salesman was right. There is gold dust in the air—for you, for me, for everyone. The scientists know that there’s gold dust in the air because they declare this universe to be composed of nothing but ra­diant substance or ether, to which man has unlimited access. Psychologists and metaphysicians know about the gold dust. They declare that man forms his world from the rich, unlimited substance within him and around him through his thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

And so let us proceed in confidence, knowing that there is gold dust in the air—and that there is gold dust everywhere. As you begin reading this book, no matter what the conditions of your life may now be, do so in this attitude of mind: There is gold dust in the air—for me. Through definite, deliberate prosperous thinking, I now begin assimilating that gold dust. And even now I am beginning to experience gold dust results!

Now proceed quickly to the following pages where you will learn the exciting gold dust secrets of countless others.

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