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The Multiplier Effect: How Our Impact on the World is Amplified When We Work Together


Mentorship has always been an important to our business. Mentorship is essentially a gift that keeps on giving.

“The future of impact,” has us thinking about what we as leaders can be doing to future-proof our economy to create an even better world for the next generation. This is no small task. In the spirit of the our mission, we first took a step back to figure out what we can be doing today to help translate our big ideas into action. In our view, the answer started with nurturing great talent to encourage innovation and giving back to the community to help solve our most pressing issues as a society. We have learned early the importance of “paying it forward” and mentoring young minds — this is the way of Blessing Pack Coventurers. With success comes responsibility and we will have a lasting effect on the world by improving the overall quality of life and shaping those who will lead us in the future.

Make giving back part of your DNA. We believe that those who have been most successful in life have an obligation to give back. Giving back is not only the right thing to do, but is also the source of unparalleled gratification and not gentrification. It creates shared value for everyone, from employees and customers to partners and shareholders. When people rally together around a social or environmental issue, they not only address an immediate need, but they also get the ball rolling toward achieving longer-term solutions to pressing challenges. We like to lead by example and hope that when others see the value we place on working to improve our world; especially socially — and the impact that it has — that it will encourage others to do the same.

This leads to what I call the “multiplier effect.” Every effort to give back makes a difference for someone. When people come together and work toward a common goal, that impact is in turn amplified to an exponential degree.

Invest in the leaders of the future. We can continue to multiply our positive impact on the future by making an effort today to nurture young minds, especially entrepreneurs and aspired entrepreneurs, share knowledge and spur innovation.

Offering time to mentor creates an opportunity to use experiences and guidance to help someone else achieve great things. We play a key role in helping others build the confidence needed to accomplish their goals successfully, which will mold the way our world looks and works in the future

Embrace new learning experiences.

We have always said that one has something to learn from everyone, and this includes one’s own mentees. Mentor-mentee relationships are so valuable because one will never know what the other person might teach you. We encouraged reverse mentoring, where business owners at the highest levels engaged aspired entrepreneurs to teach them new skills. Like how to take advantage of the use of the Internet. This chain effect of mentorship will accelerate innovation and make amazing things happen.

So how do we have a meaningful, lasting impact on the future? We believe the answer boils down to finding ways to work together. Whether we collaborate through corporate citizenship or through mentorship, we can achieve so much more, drawing upon diverse experiences and areas of expertise. Our world faces many challenges today. By making a commitment to work together, we can create the new ways of thinking and doing things required to realize the most impactful solutions in the future.

This is what Entrepreneurial Global Effects is structured to accomplish.