Relief Blog

The Strategizing Mind…

by Kyle Cease

The mind can definitely strategize. It can come up with numerous ways to be number one. With the mind we can beat others, make a lot of money and win a lot of contests. Usually with the mind we can strategize to get somewhere better.If you are attempting to get somewhere better, you are also implying that you are not completely content with where you are now. So, actually if you are strategizing first, if your question is “What do I do now?” Then you are saying you HAVE to do something.

We might not realize it, but starting off with only the mind means we are actually starting from fear. If we are trying to get anywhere else, we are in resistance to where we currently are. This might be common, but I believe this is not where we are supposed to be.

I don’t believe that natures intention was for us to be this out of balance with ourselves. I don’t believe we were supposed to be this sick, stressed, manipulative, addicted, depressed, etc. We have been conditioned to prepare for the future, with a vision that the future is always better than now. However, when the future comes, we then go “What’s next” and rarely enjoy much.

Just for a minute, if you take away the idea of “What do I do now?” and instead allow yourself to shift to your heart, feel a natural state of love and allow that to grow, you will start to feel different. You are able right now to just feel a natural high by just allowing yourself to forgive yourself and others, and just be a space of love. In this space, you expand in an exponential way. You start to see easier new possibilities for creativity, expansion, freedom. Remember, strategizing is much more linear, this is not.

Starting from a space of love and moving from there first is a big ass deal. When you are in a fantastic state, the sky is the limit on what you can do. Things just kind of line up. You suddenly want to help others, you are faster, funnier, more forgiving, etc. Our job is ONLY this. Trust me, if you are living in this state continually, the rewards will be far beyond the greatest fear based strategy ever.

Our mind loves to close loops and explain why we are feeling what we are feeling. If you are in a bad mood, you complain. You sit and tell your friends why you feel like shit. You list everything that is wrong to justify feeling like crap. Well, if you instead start off happy first, your mind has to explain why you are in this state. This is where unlimited possibilities happen. That’s the greatest way to use strategizing.

Next time you think “So what do I do?” answer that with “Nothing, just be and be love.” and then trust. Trust that you will have insights naturally guide you, that are more incredible than any type of fear based strategy. Stay in that alignment and let go of the addiction to future solutions. Don’t analyze this. That is the mind looking into the past and trying to identify this. The mind needs proof, the soul just expands. Enjoy the journey, and instead of chasing the results you can see, let bigger results that you can not see chase you.

Dont misunderstand this. Strategizing is a good thing, but start from love. With love, you will be inspired. That inspiration will start the strategizing on a whole different level. You can’t see it from right here.