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The Ambit Energy Satisfaction Guarantee


Energy isn’t a “want” – it’s a “need.” We know that it might sound a bit scary to switch energy providers, especially since it’s something so essential to you and your home.

That’s why we have an iron-clad promise to you:

We are so certain that your transition to Ambit Energy will be flawless, we are willing to guarantee it. If, for any reason, Ambit Energy disconnects your service during the switching process, we will pay your first month’s bill. No questions asked.

In order for Ambit Energy to process your switch and for you to become eligible for this guarantee, we must receive a complete, correct and valid enrollment for your service location. This guarantee only applies to Customers switching to Ambit Energy from another retail electric provider, and not if you are an existing Customer moving addresses. Ambit Energy will not pay your first month’s bill due to interruptions beyond our control: if the electric provider you are switching from has issued a disconnect order that cancels or overrides your switch request, when your poles and wires company is unable to access your meter, or for interruptions that occur after you switch to Ambit Energy.

From simple beginnings to game-changing success

It all started with a simple lunch meeting. On a spring day in 2006, two men had a friendly chat about energy deregulation over turkey sandwiches. Those men – Jere Thompson, Jr. and Chris Chambless – were both excited about the opportunity they saw, and thus began their journey to build “the finest and most-respected retail energy provider in America.”

Their new venture would provide affordable electricity and gas, and they agreed that their company would never sacrifice integrity for growth.

The co-founders went to work immediately, and a few weeks later, Jere and Chris set up shop in a large, renovated warehouse in the historic West End district of downtown Dallas. The expansive office space suited their needs perfectly, helping to establish a feeling of “openness” and enabling faster communication. They bought several $19 fold-up tables to use as desks and put together a team of experienced executives who shared their vision.

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Solar Energy: A Hot Market with a Bright Future

Everyday more customers are choosing solar to provide at least some of their home energy needs. Ambit Energy is responding to this market demand by partnering with Sunrun to bring solar power to Customers in California, New Jersey and New York. We’re also bringing you some interesting information on what’s fueling the demand for solar power, the latest trends and future technology.

Take a look at our spotlight on solar energy in the following infographic:

Solar Energy: A Hot Market with a Bright Future

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7 Successful Strategies

Seven Strategies for Helping People Get What They Want

It’s human nature to want to help others but we may not always know how. We offer solutions to problems with the best of intentions but sometimes the solutions we offer are taken as if we are telling others what to do. What we really need to do is help people find their own solutions, but how? Here are seven strategies to help others help themselves in getting what they want.

1. Establish and maintain rapport
When communication goes badly it is usually because of one factor: lack of rapport. When rapport wains so does trust, connection, and influence. Start by gaining rapport through acknowledging the other person’s intent, building trust, and active listening. If they appear to disengage then go back to building rapport before doing anything else. Nothing else will work until rapport is firmly established.

2. Have them state what they want in the positive
The subconscious mind doesn’t understand negatives. Saying “I don’t want to be taken advantage of again,” is the same as saying “I want to be taken advantage of again,” to the subconscious mind. Instead of focusing on what they don’t want, have them state what they want in the positive, like “I want to be valued for the amazing person I am.”

3. Have them make it sensory specific
The stronger and more intense the desire, the more powerful it can become. Do this by having them intensify visualizations by making them full of colors, textures, smells, sounds, and touch. Have them associate positive feelings to what they want. Ask, “How will it feel when you get it?” The more they focus on feeling how they will feel when they get what they want, the easier it will be to achieve.

4. Initiated and maintained by the one who wants it
When helping others to get clear on what they want it is important to make sure it is what they want and not what you want. Avoid suggesting what they should do and instead encourage them to answer that question for themselves. If you do offer advice then give at least three alternatives so they can choose for themselves and it becomes their decision and their responsibility.

5. Acknowledge and appreciate limiting beliefs
Sometimes we hold ourselves back from doing what we want because of limiting beliefs. All believes had a purpose when they were formed but sometimes beliefs can outlive their usefulness. Rather than challenge a limiting belief, recognize the original intention and be grateful for it. This helps us see beliefs without triggering their defense mechanisms. Then look for other ways the original intention can be satisfied.

6. Preserve the positive by-product of the current situation
If we are not getting all of what we want then it is usually because we are getting part of what we want and we fear giving that up. Acknowledging this can sometimes help us see how we may be holding ourselves back and encourage us find better alternatives.

7. Recognize benefits of new perspectives
Behind every want is a desire to feel a specific way. This is the essence of why we do things, to have particular feelings. Keeping this in mind can help inspire and motivate us to get what we really want and feel the way we really want to feel. If what we want is better than what we are getting then focusing on this can inspire us to go for it.

Wise people have said that if we truly desire something then we are capable of having it. Supporting others in discovering what they truly want can also help us get clearer on what we want and encourage others to help us to get it.


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The Strategizing Mind…

by Kyle Cease

The mind can definitely strategize. It can come up with numerous ways to be number one. With the mind we can beat others, make a lot of money and win a lot of contests. Usually with the mind we can strategize to get somewhere better.If you are attempting to get somewhere better, you are also implying that you are not completely content with where you are now. So, actually if you are strategizing first, if your question is “What do I do now?” Then you are saying you HAVE to do something.

We might not realize it, but starting off with only the mind means we are actually starting from fear. If we are trying to get anywhere else, we are in resistance to where we currently are. This might be common, but I believe this is not where we are supposed to be.

I don’t believe that natures intention was for us to be this out of balance with ourselves. I don’t believe we were supposed to be this sick, stressed, manipulative, addicted, depressed, etc. We have been conditioned to prepare for the future, with a vision that the future is always better than now. However, when the future comes, we then go “What’s next” and rarely enjoy much.

Just for a minute, if you take away the idea of “What do I do now?” and instead allow yourself to shift to your heart, feel a natural state of love and allow that to grow, you will start to feel different. You are able right now to just feel a natural high by just allowing yourself to forgive yourself and others, and just be a space of love. In this space, you expand in an exponential way. You start to see easier new possibilities for creativity, expansion, freedom. Remember, strategizing is much more linear, this is not.

Starting from a space of love and moving from there first is a big ass deal. When you are in a fantastic state, the sky is the limit on what you can do. Things just kind of line up. You suddenly want to help others, you are faster, funnier, more forgiving, etc. Our job is ONLY this. Trust me, if you are living in this state continually, the rewards will be far beyond the greatest fear based strategy ever.

Our mind loves to close loops and explain why we are feeling what we are feeling. If you are in a bad mood, you complain. You sit and tell your friends why you feel like shit. You list everything that is wrong to justify feeling like crap. Well, if you instead start off happy first, your mind has to explain why you are in this state. This is where unlimited possibilities happen. That’s the greatest way to use strategizing.

Next time you think “So what do I do?” answer that with “Nothing, just be and be love.” and then trust. Trust that you will have insights naturally guide you, that are more incredible than any type of fear based strategy. Stay in that alignment and let go of the addiction to future solutions. Don’t analyze this. That is the mind looking into the past and trying to identify this. The mind needs proof, the soul just expands. Enjoy the journey, and instead of chasing the results you can see, let bigger results that you can not see chase you.

Dont misunderstand this. Strategizing is a good thing, but start from love. With love, you will be inspired. That inspiration will start the strategizing on a whole different level. You can’t see it from right here.

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10 Elements of Successful MLM Business…

Before you start your own MLM business, you can’t afford not to plan the strategies that will make it successful for you. By the time you finish reading this post, you will know ten key elements that will determine your success in network marketing, even before you jump into it full-time.

1. Have a Network Marketing Business Plan

Planning plays a vital role in any business. Having no plan in place is similar to drifting at sea on a raft at the mercy of fate. Without a plan your network marketing business will be sporadic, inconsistent, without direction, and, even worse, without income. You may not plan to fail, but you will if you don’t have a detailed [intlink id=”10″ type=”page”]network marketing business plan[/intlink].

2. Have a Marketing PlanMarketing is the art of communicating an idea of a product or service to potential buyers. If you don’t know what to do and how to do it in order to promote your network marketing business, you won’t make any money. People will never beat a path to your door no matter how genius you are. You need to let your target audience know that you exist and that you have something that will help solve their problems or achieve goals. In order to do that, you need a marketing plan.

3. Choose and Join a Network Marketing CompanyThere are hundreds, of network marketing companies out there, but you need to research your options before you choose and join a company. Not all network marketing companies are created equal.  You need to choose one that will match certain criteria, such as earning potential, education opportunity, and several others.

4. Choose and Join a Professional Network Marketing Education CourseIf you want to be successful in network marketing, you need to learn the “How” of network marketing. And you can only do that by learning from the best. Most network companies still continue teaching their distributors outdated marketing principles. If you suffer from the lack of money, the lack of knowledge of how to make money on the go, you will definitely need to join one of the online network marketing courses.

5. Start Promoting Your Network Marketing Business Online

As you increase your knowledge and expertise in network marketing, you have to do one more thing at the same time. Start promoting yourself (since you are your own corporation)… online. This way you will grow your business faster than offline. On the Internet, generating leads and communicating with customers takes less time, efforts, and money than in the offline world. Some of your activities boil down to practically one-time actions, which, in turn, continue bringing results multiple times and infinitely.

6. Create Your Personal BrandI can’t emphasize it enough that in order to succeed in network marketing, you have to start building your personal brand. It has nothing to do with your network marketing company’s brand name.  People deal with people, not with companies. So the sooner you start promoting yourself, the faster your business will start growing, and thus, your income.

7. Position Yourself as a Professional

Professionalism is attractive. People like being treated with professionalism. In order to attract prospects you have to position yourself as a professional. You have to look, speak, and act professionally. Draw an image of a professional business person in your mind. Write down what character traits you would like to see in a professional business owner. Describe your own professional qualities that slumber within you. In other words, paint a portrait of a professional business person you would like to be and start acting upon your description.

8. Educate Your Target Audience

Sharing your knowledge with others allows to not only to position yourself as a pro, but also to attract more prospects. Teach your target audience. Give them a reason to join you by positioning yourself as a coach. The principle of duplication in network marketing assumes teaching your downline how to duplicate your success. No other profession provides such an easily achievable incentive of attraction as teaching. If you are able to teach, people assume that you know more than them. Cease this opportunity. Attract leads by teaching them.

9. Become an Author

Becoming an educator for your target audience is a direct path to becoming an author. Share your experience and expertise with others by means of an eBook, a training course, a set of educational videos, etc. It increases your personal value and credibility; it strengthens your personal brand and increases your income.

10. Turn Your Success Story into an Applied Network Marketing Business Course

Creating valuable content for your target audience should eventually lead you to creating a professional business course. You can compile your articles, videos, blog posts, etc. into a solid marketing course, for instance. You can sell it as a stand-alone training material, or you can start a membership website and reap the green by charging a fee for training your members.


In order to learn more about how to build a successful network marketing business, bookmark this blog and sign-up using the form above to receive free network marketing training by email.

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